Suitable for residential, commercial, medical, industrial or military settings

Free standing machine, mobile/portable on casters

Standard and Medical models available

Product Summary

NQ 250 - 400

NQ 360 - 720

NQ 500 - 1000 - 2000

NQ in-duct

UV modules


High efficiency, mechanical filtration (HEPA and activated carbon), UV disinfection, mobile, quickly deployable, autonomous, low maintenance, economical, low noise level.

Air volume of 350 CFM / 595 m≥/h

Many options available (-/+ pressure adaptations, Medical + and dental practices versions, photo catalysis)

NQ Industries has designed a range of patented high quality standard products, utilizing a combination of well recognized technologies, with proven efficacy, such as Ultra violet (UVGI), HEPA Filtration, Activated Carbon Filtration, and Ultra Violet Photo Catalytic Oxidation (UVPCO). These technologies have been chosen to deliver the best possible solutions to your needs.

Ultraviolet light is part of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy generated by the sun. The full spectrum includes (in order of increasing energy) radio waves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays.

∑†††††† UVC at 254 nm in wavelength (253,7 nm) 

∑†††††† Used in practical applications for 70 years

∑†††††† Harmful to eyes and skin (no UV leak out of the units)

∑†††††† Do not produce ozone

∑†††††† UV dosages expressed in micro Watt sec./cm≤  

Benefits of using this technology

∑†††††† UVGI systems typically use much more concentrated levels of ultraviolet energy than are found in sunlight

∑†††††† UVC radiation at 254nm has an intense germicidal effect. Micro-organisms, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts are effectively destroyed without the addition of chemicals within seconds due to the coupling effects in the DNA (UVGI alters the pathogenís DNA, inhibiting itís ability to replicate)

∑†††††† Micro-organisms canít replicate (single pass kill)

∑†††††† At a sufficient high intensity, UV disinfection is a reliable, simple and fast method to sanitise the air

∑†††††† Internal arrangement of the systems sanitized (single pass)
     No living organisms left in filters
     Safer maintenance

∑†††††† Micro-organisms smaller than 0.3 micron are inactivated and makes the NQ systems safer than simple HEPA air purification systems

∑†††††† Ozone free lamps, high efficiency, no leaks


NQ Clarifier

NQ Clarifier   - Standard - Medical

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